Mass Effect: Andromeda Companions Review – Part 2

Mass Effect™: Andromeda_20170314142145

“Liam Kosta

More than any other species, humans face an uphill battle from a writing perspective in the Mass Effect series. The Mass Effect games are filled with cool aliens with cool cultures from cool worlds, none of which exist outside the Mass Effect universe. But the humans in Mass Effect are fundamentally no different from the humans in reality, and as a result, the writer needs to work extra-hard to make them interesting. To quote Shamus Young:

“At the risk of getting myself branded as an Ashley Williams style space-racist, hanging out with Jacob in Mass Effect 2 is like going to the zoo to see a labrador retriever. Those are cool dogs, but that’s not why you go to the zoo. In the same way, we’re here to meet crazy aliens, and it’s unavoidable that Jacob will look a little bland in contrast.”

Liam isn’t totally successful as an attempt to make a human character interesting, but he’s not bad. Honestly, I avoided deploying Liam when I first started playing the game, precisely because he’s a human, but the one-on-one conversations with him aboard the Nexus convinced me otherwise…”


Read the rest of the article at Gaming Rebellion


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