The Witcher 3 – Just Another Day on the Job

“I promise this will get to the Witcher 3 eventually, but first…

For six months I worked as a wedding caterer. I attended two or three weddings per week to set tables, serve drinks, deliver hordervs, etc. It wasn’t a bad job as far as basic service industry work goes, certainly better paying than working at MacDonald’s, and more exciting on a day-to-day basis than waiting tables at a restaurant.

But the most interesting aspect about that job was the weird disconnect between the customers and the staff. For the people we served, it was always one of the most important days in their lives. It was a celebration of a multi-year relationship which would hopefully last indefinitely. It was the end of a process that took six months or longer to set up, cost tens of thousands of dollars, and involved hundreds of planners. The events themselves would be attended by between 150 and 200 friends, family members, coworkers, neighbors, and fortunate acquaintances. The end result was a day of extreme emotion. Elation for the bride and groom if it all went well, devastation if it didn’t. Bittersweet sentiments for the parents who witness the final dissipation of the illusion that their child isn’t an independent person. Joy for the guests who share in the revelry of dancing, cavorting, and drunkenness.

And yet for the staff… it was always just another day on the job.

Prior to starting to work there I had been to three weddings; now I’ve been to almost 50. Maybe that’s not a lot by the standards of an industry professional, but it’s still more than 99.9% of the population. I’ve seen good weddings and bad weddings. Happy brides and grooms and miserable ones. Hilarious toasts and boring ones. Aesthetically pleasing decorations and Dr. Seuss monstrosities. Gorgeous couples, ugly couples, mismatched couples, gay couples, a lesbian couple, and de facto trophy wives. I’ve seen joyful drunks, grumpy drunks, funny drunks, mean drunks, drunk staff members who shouldn’t have been drunk, drunk bosses who really, really shouldn’t have been drunk, harassing drunks, and vomiting drunks.

I still get that weddings are fun. I can still see the energy and recognize the heightened emotions in the room, but the luster of it is gone for me. I have trouble distinguishing them from any other large party with annoying ceremonies attached. What is one of the single most important events in a person’s life was just another day on the job for me. I don’t know exactly what to make of that, it was just a strange feeling I had throughout my six month tenure on the event staff.

Imagine my surprise when I got about ten hours into the Witcher 3 and was hit by deja vu. Though Geralt the Witcher was a professional monster hunter, and not in fact a wedding caterer, he seemed to experience the same disconnect that I felt when dealing with customers…”


Read the rest of the article at Gaming Rebellion:

The Witcher 3 – Just Another Day on the Job


One thought on “The Witcher 3 – Just Another Day on the Job

  1. Man, just when you thinks The Witcher 3 couldn’t be any more amazing of a game, you read something like this that brings a depth to it you never even considered. Such a fantastic read ^_^


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