Don’t Party Hard

“Party Hard intrigued me with its aesthetics and core mechanical concept (and to be honest, I really liked its title). One Steam reviewer described the game as “Hotline Miami’s slow and stealthy cousin,” and I can kind of see where he’s coming from (especially if the author meant “slow” in the “mentally challenged” sense). Like Hotline Miami,Party Hard is an ultra-violent, top down, retro-pixel art game filled with a garish neon scheme and a two word title. Unlike Hotline Miami, Party Hard annoys the shit out of me.

In my last article I discussed how playing Party Hard for 90 minutes caused me to ruminate on the nature of video game criticisms. Specifically, I wanted to know if I had to play a game all the way to its conclusion to properly review it in a written analysis. I was quite confident that despite only playing through one quarter of Party Hard’s campaign, I was absolutely qualified to write a piece on how terrible the game is, but I couldn’t think of a good justification off the top of my head for doing so. So I sat down, thought about it for a while, wrote down my thoughts, and realized that my 1,600 word explanation was long enough to constitute its own post for that week. Thus I didn’t actually end up writing anything about Party Hard.

Despite the fact that I still completely agree with everything I wrote last week, and therefore I don’t think it wasnecessary for me to play more of Party Hard to properly review it, I did so anyway. To be honest I didn’t really have anything else to play this week, besides Shelter 2, which only lasted a paltry 103 minutes (and despite being underdeveloped and hideously overpriced, is still a better game than Party Hard). So I powered through as much ofParty Hard as I could and managed to reach level 10 (of 12) after a sum total of six hours of gameplay. I will admit that in the extra four and half hours of play time I did occasionally catch myself having brief bursts of fun, but by and large, all the extra levels did was reinforce my initial highly negative perception of the game…”


Read the rest of the article at Gaming Rebellion:

Don’t Party Hard


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