Metal Gear Solid 4 Retrospective – The Metal Gear Game No One Remembers

“Isn’t it weird how no one ever talks about Metal Gear Solid 4 anymore? How many people reading this article right now who have played Metal Gear Solid 4 can even remember its subtitle?

MGS4 was a huge deal when it came out. It wasn’t just the epic conclusion to one of the most famous series in all of gaming, it was a flagship title in a new console generation, and without a doubt the most technically advanced game to date. It was Hideo Kojima’s follow up to Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, arguably the high point of the whole series and one of the most well-regarded PS2 games in the console’s storied history. It’s hard to find exact budget figures, but MGS4 was probably one of the five most expensive video games ever produced at its launch date in 2008, largely due to Kojima’s insistence on building a brand new game engine to handle MGS4’s ambitious technical dimensions (which allegedly were so advanced that the game couldn’t even fit on an Xbox 360). The game’s hype was subsequently reflected in its stellar launch, with 3 million copies sold within the first few weeks, thereby establishing the PS3’s first mega-hit.

And yet MGS4 is strangely all but forgotten today, or at least it seems to have fallen to the unenviable status of being the least memorable game of the console-based Metal Gear Solids. Granted, I have no empirical evidence to back this up. As a lifelong Metal Gear fanatic who regularly frequents forums and reads every drop of Metal Gearcommentary I can get my hands on, it only recently dawned on me that I hear so little about the series’ chronological conclusion. Time has granted MGS 12, and 3 their unique legacies both within the Metal Gear series and in gaming history as a whole. Though MGSV is too new to accurately establish its long term reputation, I am confident that the game’s stark virtues and vices will be excruciatingly analyzed over the coming years and it will at least garner a sense of misguided appreciation, if not reverence in its own right. But MGS4… no one seems to care about MGS4.”


Read the rest of the article at the Gaming Rebllion:

Metal Gear Solid 4 Retrospective – The Metal Gear Game No One Remembers


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