How Telltale Took on Game of Thrones and Why it Mattered

“Someday Telltale Games should have a movie made about it. In 2010, the unknown developer of Back to the Futureand Jurassic Park spin-off games you’ve never heard of celebrated $10 million of annual revenue as a signal that its unique model of episodic, graphic adventure storytelling had proven itself on the market place. Two years later, this tiny company released Season One of The Walking Dead, a low budget, non-action oriented spin off of a beloved, but rather generic and mainstream graphic novel/TV show. Somehow, not only was it good, it was really,really, really good. With TWD, Telltale accomplished what so few other companies even attempted to do, let alone succeeded at; they made an exceptional, emotionally resonant game out of a pre-existing property, and they did it on a shoe string budget. The market responded accordingly. TWD made a million dollars in 20 days, and $40 million on the year. The tiny indie developer knocked a low-expectation project out of the park and justly reaped the rewards…”


Read the rest of the article at Gaming Rebellion:

How Telltale Took on Game of Thrones and Why it Mattered


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